Chest Harness

Chest Harness

Item Code: ACCH1


When you are recording with your Action Camera majority of the time it will be for extreme sports! With the adjustable chest strap mount you can be sure your Action Camera is safely mounted and capturing your footage ensuring no footage will be missed.

Using the chest harness mount helps give you great point of view footage, you will be able to achieve a great 1st person POV which really captures the full experience! You can use the harness to capture sports such as motocross, cycling, equestrian and even sports such as football and ice hockey.

The mount is compatible with Action Camera eXtreme Plus, so you will never miss out on the action. The chest harness is fully adjustable to help fit you more comfortably and without irritation. Putting on and taking off the harness is also very simple with a simple quick release buckle so you can take if off with ease without it getting tangled. Using high quality plastics to hold the camera and nylon material for straps make it extremely lightweight and durable.


  • Elastic Chest Belt Strap for AC53
  • Black Includes a Chest Belt Strap and a Tripod Mount
  • Suitable for AC53 Camera
  • Comfortable and adjustable size
  • Fit for most sizes
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: ABS + Nylon
  • Weight: 163g

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