Warwickshire Police have released video of a sickening road accident recorded on a dash camera

Warwickshire Police in the UK have released video of a sickening road accident when a lorry smashed into traffic on the A46 near Stratford upon Avon, which saw a lorry driver jailed last week.

Lorry driver Martin Gibson, of Gloucester, was sentenced to 15 months in prison at Warwick Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to five counts of dangerous driving following the collision on May 21st 2015. 

Several motorists were left with serious injuries, some life- changing. In a statement Warwickshire Police Operational Patrol Unit investigating officer PC Craig Marshall said: “We have issued the footage, with the agreement of the families of those affected by the incident, as a warning to drivers to pay attention when behind the wheel.

PC Craig Marshall of Warwickshire Police’s operational patrol unit said the force had released the dash cam footage as a warning to drivers to pay attention behind the wheel.

He said: “Mr Gibson’s dangerous driving had caused substantial damage, and had the potential to cause loss of life of those within the vehicles that were struck in the space of a few seconds. All of this could have been avoided if he had paid attention to the road and anticipated possible traffic conditions ahead involving actions of other drivers.This just shows that not paying attention when behind the wheel of any vehicle can have life changing effects to those involved. I hope the sentence handed down by the court sends a stark warning to anyone who takes irresponsible and dangerous risks on the roads – it is simply not worth it.”

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