‘Crash for Cash’ scandals are taking place each and every day, causing high risks for the safety of UK motorists. Aviva, one of Britain’s well known car insurance companies have picked up on just how high the number of fake claims are being made.

Motorists within the UK are constantly being put under the great risk of car accidents, due to an increasing number of crash for cash Scams taking place. The vast majority of scammers have only the intent to make money from fake injury compensation claims whilst not taking into consideration the effects in which it causes others involved.

Recent observations show that the crash scammers have gained a new tactic in how they go about choosing their victims, it is to be said that the fraudsters shall lie in wait for members of the public to exit shops, car parking areas or petrol stations. Then as the victim prepares to leave in their vehicle, the scammer shall offer the victim a right of way to join a main road, only then to speed up and ensure that their car is hit side-on, this guaranteeing a good cover story for the scammer.

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