Are these Britain's most reckless drivers? Shocking dash-cam footage of cars smashing into restaurants, ploughing into cyclists and speeding the wrong way down a dual carriage way shown on a new TV show

Some of Britain's most reckless driving has been caught on dash-cams

One driver smashed through the glass front of a fast-food restaurant

Another travelled for miles the wrong way down a dual carriageway

Their stories will be told in ITV’s show Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera 

From the driver who ploughed into a fast-food restaurant to the one that travelled the wrong way down a dual carriageway, some of Britain's most reckless road users have been caught on camera. 

A rise in the number of Britons with helmet cameras, dash-cams and smartphones means that whenever and wherever a crash happens, it is almost certain to be filmed.

Footage of the shocking accidents and heart-stopping near-misses will be shown on ITV's Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera.

Car Crash Britain focuses on new shocking cases on the roads.

One clip shows a motorcyclist thrown to the ground as he weaves through a queue of heavy traffic. Another reveals the risks facing cyclists, as one is knocked to the ground in a bike lane. 

The second episode highlights that there are now half a million cameras being used in UK vehicles and that over half of serious accidents on our motorways involve Lorries.

The programme covers "crash for cash" and how the footage has helped companies protect their drivers, and their insurance premiums by proving conclusively in court that they were not at fault, despite being accused by the third party involved.

Unfortunately when business vehicles are involved it is almost assumed they were at fault.  All they need is the footage and it could quite possibly save you! 

Dash Cameras can benefit many groups of people, from the average car commuter to big corporate companies. Companies have a legal responsibility for their employees and have to ensure they are working in a safe environment!

Dash Cameras can show you vital pieces of information from the make, model, registration
plate and who was at fault in the accident.
This can help protect your no claims and even lower your insurance premiums! 

Dangerous: A lorry is captured ploughing into a small car after it spins out of control and into its lane

Amongst the stories being told in the first episode is that a father who saved his daughter’s life when they were caught in a late-night motorway crash. 
A Good Samaritan will also be reunited with the pensioner he helped after he was involved in a horrific accident. 
Footage will also show a car driving for miles the wrong way down a dual carriageway. 
The real-life-drama is made all the more compelling because it’s captured by the very people involved in it.
They tell their stories of what went wrong - and what happened next. 
Shocking: Footage of a car crashing into the barrier on a motorway and amazingly surviving and carrying on!
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